Gift and Souvenir

Opening our doors in doing product customization for corporate and private events. Kimochi Aroma provides embroidery, special prints and personalized packaging for wedding gift and event souvenirs.


The fusion of herbs and aromatic plants that holistically nurtures the mind and body. Our essential oils can reduce stress, hasten a good night’s sleep and boost energy.

Natural Solutions

Kimochi Aroma Natural Solutions aims to promote holistic healing using products that are free from synthetic chemicals which may cause harm to one’s health. These home remedies are practical and allows you to treat such ailment quickly and effectively.

Microwave Pillows

Our main goal is to promote the “go back to basics idea” of using hot and cold compress as an alternative solution for various types of muscle ached. Kimochi Aroma Pillows are available in different sizes to match your specific needs.

Essential Oils

Natural Solutions

Social Responsibility

In search of a good alternative to pain relief?

Start enjoying the benefits and experience first hand the wonders it can do!


Kimochi Aroma Home Remedy and Natural Essentials. Microwaveable Pillows and Aroma Oils. Kindly visit our website for orders


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