KIMOCHI AROMA manufactures natural home health remedy products including herbal pillows (microwavable) and essential oils used for aromatherapy. “Kimochi” is a Japanese word for good mood – This associates such wonderful feeling with every use of the therapy pillows as aid in the relief of pain and discomfort. All Kimochi Aroma products are purely hand-crafted and 100% Filipino made.

Our Story

Kimochi Aroma Pillow’s first product was created back in 2012 when the owner suffered from a dislocated shoulder. He then relied on therapy and hot compress to relieve his aching joint. He tried different remedies for pain, until he came across with an innovative idea of using a microwavable herbal pillow.

With joint concepts from his wife, who is a Physician by profession and a half Japanese, they designed a pillow best suitable to alleviate pain, both acute and chronic in nature. Several trials were done to ensure a  perfect product was made. Not long after, the couple started enjoying the benefits of this natural remedy.

As a proud advocate of this excellent product in providing relief of muscle pain and tension, the couple soon found themselves swamped with requests from friends and families alike to produce and sell these pillows – Kimochi Aroma was then born.